We know from personal experience how important it is to wear one's clear aligners/retainers as prescribed by their orthodontist. That is why we created the nCase® SmartCase in the first place. This article really spoke to us and echoes what we have been saying for years.

We wanted to share it with you. Here is one of our favorite excerpts from the article:

"One of the drawbacks is that patient compliance is a huge part of the treatment and very important for achieving the great results we are all looking for," explained Dr. Tanya Vaysman, an orthodontist at Upper Eastside Orthodontists in New York. "While the traditional braces are always physically there and you don’t have to do much for them to work, with Invisalign the patient has to be responsible for keeping it the right amount of hours without losing or misplacing it."

By Jasmine Garnsworthy